Do a WHOIS Database Lookup

Questions About the WHOIS Database

It is a list of all registered domains, and is used regularly for various legal purposes. It can be used as a too to gather information on a domain you'd like to purchase, identify trademark infringement, and many other ways to make domain registrants accountable.

WHOIS Domains Database verification is also oftenly used to combat fraud or spam; since administrators can use the information to track down registrants who participate in illegal activities or perform phishing scams.
The WHOIS Database Lookup here at Jewl Hosting is simple to use. Just type or paste the domain name for which you want to view the information into the field above and click the "Lookup" button right next to the field. This will return key information about the domain and it's registrant including ownership, creation date, update date, technical contact, availability, expiration date and more.
Due to the fact that registrant's contact information can and does change often, registrars like Jewl Hosting (ourselves) provide a reminder & way for every single one of our domain owners to review and edit their WHOIS domain data yearly. Furthermore, according to ICANN's rules, refusing to update contact information yearly or providing false data can lead to suspended or cancelled domains.

Plus, ICANN allows all Internet users to file a complaint if they find WHOIS domain information that is incorrect, invalid or even missing. In those cases, the domain owner must correct and verify the new information in a timely fashion. ICANN is trying to keep the highest level possible of accuracy in the WHOIS Domains Database.
Changing your WHOIS information is super simple. All you have to do is login to your account here at Jewl Hosting, and change the admin/technical/contact information for the domain you want to update. This will allow you to keep your information up to date; which is important both to comply with the ICANN regulations and to protect your domain by receiving contacts regarding your domains at the correct phone # and email addresses.
Even with ICANN's agreements protecting registrants from spam using the WHOIS Domain Database information, a lot of our customers still have concerns about their personal information (name, address, email, phone #, etc) being so easy to find online. That's why we offer Domain Privacy Protection for website owners who prefer and/or want to keep all that information private.

That way when anyone performs a WHOIS Database Lookup on your domain, instead of showing your personal information we display our proxy information; that way people don't have direct access to your information. But they can still contact you directly thru the proxy information they see on the WHOIS Database lookup results.